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HSP Vastgoed

We invest on our own account in projects that we then renovate and optimize. We ensure that the project is upgraded according to current standards, trends and innovations.


HSP Projects

HSP Projects is an independent organization dedicated to the renovation of villas and apartments. We focus on design, luxury and comfort.


HSP Design by Walter Wuyts

People nowadays prefer to have a personalized home, with which they identify themselves without being too everyday. The need for a personal identity has grown over the years and HSP Design thinks it can be an important key here.

Recent projects

Have a look at our most recent projects. On the Portfolio page you can view all projects.

Renovated luxury villa with pool

Luxury villa apartment in prime location in Schoten, Churchilllaan

Fully renovated modern villa

Fully renovated modern villa located in Schilde. This villa will have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a guesthouse/office space with a double garage.

Beautiful city villa in The Hague

Price / Quality ratio

More expensive is not always better. We prefer to keep it simple and show you that an optimal renovation does not have a sky-high price tag.

Customized, bespoke renovations

All of our renovations are unique and customized. We have a “no copy-paste” policy which means your personal style is preserved and each component will only be found in your home.


Innovation and modernisation are very present these days but it must also be functional and fit your needs. Although we always base ourselves on the latest systems and trends, we will take into account your personal situation and advise you on this to avoid an excessive price tag.


Environmental sustainability is a logical choice for us. We will always choose sustainable and energy-efficient solutions but take your wishes into account. Whether you like it maintenance friendly or not, we are open to make it happen.


We realize each project together. We think along with you and, based on your preferences, go over what suits you best.


A luxury renovation or project is translated into a minimalist and modernist style but can also be a balanced mix of old and new elements. Your own vision is central to us and will ensure a customised end result.


As a customer, you don’t have to worry that your project will take unnecessarily long or that the costs will increase. Thanks to our efficient ways of working, we will always prevent certain steps from being done twice, forgotten or the costs from running high.


Are you worried that your project will temporarily look like a bomb exploded? That will never happen with a renovation or project from HSP Projects. We have a “keep it clean” policy so you can rest assured that everything will be remodelled or built in a clean and orderly manner.


The needs and wishes of our customers are our main focus. We give well-founded advice and are always there for you. More importantly, we think with you, ask why you want something and look at the available alternatives. We become the extension of your thinking to make operations cost-effective and avoid surprises and disappointments.

High-end finishing

We strive for carefree living which we achieve by turning your expectations into reality. Without compromising, without worries and yet at a good price, we try again and again to live up to your expectations as a customer.


Our team is multidisciplinary and we work with the best specialists for, inter alia, swimming pools and bathrooms but also for floors or marble. For each field we have a subcontractor selected according to our criteria.


At HSP, we don’t compromise on quality. We go for an upgrade to your project. We don’t deliver half-assed work but go for high-end finishing.

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