HSP Design by Walter Wuyts

HSP Design by Walter Wuyts

People nowadays prefer to have a personalized home, with which they identify themselves without being too everyday. The need for a personal identity has grown over the years and HSP Design thinks it can be an important key for those who want to go their own way with their own ideas without losing control of their wishes through dominance by third parties.

This often makes design difficult as most designers want to dictate their ideas in your living environment and we think that is wrong. You should be the leading factor of design and we should translate that into solutions. Hence Walter Wuyts: an experienced architect who puts you and your wishes in the spotlight and creates with you the things you want. Our specialism is contemporary design, so modern with a contemporary interpretation.

Be surprised and make an appointment. Thanks to a close cooperation with the construction team of HSP projects we will surprise you in price and quality without compromising on contemporary design.

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