HSP (Group) is the synonym for a group of affiliated companies dealing with all facets of real estate.

We buy properties for renovation and new construction projects, we build for third parties in direction, we insulate homes for better energy efficiency, we advise and we provide technical/financial services where needed.

All in all, a multidisciplinary group of companies all aligned to relieve the customer, ensure quality and realize dreams.

HSP Vastgoed

HSP Realty engages in the purchase and sale of real estate, rental properties, and property management. They also serve as the funding partner. The central point of contact within this company is Rob Houtzagers.

HSP Projects

HSP Projects is responsible for all construction and remodeling activities. They coordinate projects and provide advice regarding the construction process, including material choices, technical solutions, feasibility, budget, and schedule. The central point of contact is Konrad sztylka with support from Rob Houtzagers.

HSP Insulation Works

HSP Insulation Works focuses on optimizing the energy consumption of homes. They offer customized advice, calculate costs and savings, and install insulation materials such as Crepie, heat pumps and solar panels to improve energy efficiency.

HSP Studio

HSP Studio prepares projects with realistic visualizations. These visualizations not only provide an image of the desired atmosphere, but also offer practical support for ongoing projects. When it comes to technical details and their elaboration so you see immediately whether the desired effects are achieved.