About us

How do we make a difference?

It is often assumed that all construction companies work in the same way and all use the same materials and suppliers. Increasingly, we see that the same bathrooms and kitchens are installed in every building or renovation project, which means that originality is hard to find. We also see that the quality of several developers leaves much to be desired. This is how we want to make the difference by focusing on our core values.

Quality is our number one priority. We do not settle for inferior materials but stand for high quality workmanship in every project. We will therefore always advise our customers to go along with this quality thinking.

We work with craftsmen who we select based on our own criteria. For example, we want every supplier, whether it’s swimming pools or kitchens, to give priority to our customers. We expect them to be ready 24/7 for installation or troubleshooting.

Our on-site personnel are carefully selected by our partner Konrad Stylka. But it doesn’t stop there. We expect high discipline from every worker. Workers are not allowed to drink alcohol and there is a no smoking policy. In addition, they wear company clothing adapted to the phase of the works. Respect for the site and keeping everything as clean and orderly as possible are basic principles of a good attitude for us. Professional knowledge and knowledge of Dutch are also essential.

Our projects are never traditional or classic. We choose minimalistic and modern renovations and projects. Based on your wishes we consider how we can realize this according to the current trends. Minimalism and design are incorporated in both an aesthetic and a functional way so that it is not only beautiful but also useful and efficient.

We are always going to listen to your needs and desires but we are going to advise how you can achieve them in an efficient way. This way you can avoid unnecessary costs and steps. Every decision is a shared decision because we like to involve our clients in the entire process. We find it essential that you can justify why you have chosen a particular method, material or innovation.

All our projects are exclusive, personalized realizations. We have a “no copy-paste” policy so you are assured of exclusivity for your home.

"We invest on our own account into projects that we renovate and optimize."

We invest on our own account into projects that we renovate and optimize. We upgrade the project according to current standards, trends and innovations. Nowadays we see that a lot of renovations are done with materials of which the quality is questionable. We want to make a difference by choosing a luxurious, high-end finishing with the best materials and by focusing on quality.

We are therefore always looking for new projects that we can purchase and develop ourselves and which we will then adapt to the wishes and needs of the user. In doing so, we always take into account the possibilities and trends of the moment.

In addition, we are happy to welcome new investors who share our vision and values.


The team behind HSP consists of 4 partners, each with their own specialization and background. This multidisciplinarity and versatility enables us to offer a total package based on our shared values and priorities.

Kornad Stylka

has extensive expertise for the executive part of HSP. He has experience within construction execution and control as well as supervision of the construction site. This is therefore his current role within the company. He supervises the construction and does the day-to-day management. In addition, he specializes in the recruitment and selection of skilled personnel.

Karolina Pustula

, thanks to her past in the tourism and recreation industry, has extensive experience in management and support of staff. She has retrained in the real estate industry which gives her a diverse role within HSP. For example, she works as support for administration and investments but is also in charge of purchasing quality materials and looking for reliable suppliers. In addition, she is also responsible for communication with and management of construction personnel.

Paula Steenbergen

has been doing real estate brokerage and management for many years. Her expertise in fund management and renovations for individuals make her role essential in the firm. As a partner of HSP, she will take charge of purchasing, planning and sales and will focus on investments.

Rob Houtzagers

has years of experience in all disciplines of real estate, international project development, high-end project development of villas and apartments, setting up and managing real estate funds (>150 mio) and financing.

Within HSP he is responsible for investments, finance, sales and investors. But also on the project sites he plays an important role in the choice of design and in the supervision of the construction site.